- Petar decides to perform his own song "Otkada nije mi tu" ("Since she isn't by my side") on "Dora 1996." and wins 8th place.
- Petar performs at the music festival "Melodije hrvatskog Jadrana Split'96" (Melodies of the Croatian Adriatic) and wins 3rd prize (public vote) with his song "Prosjak ljubavi" ("Begger of love"). He also becomes the Best Debutant on the 2nd evening of this festival.

- After his appearance on the music festival "ZadarFest '96' with "Trebam nekoga" ("I need someone"), Petar's popularity skyrocketed! With "Trebam nekoga" he won 1st place (public vote) as well best song arranmgement, while his other song "Gore si ti" ("You're up there"), that he had written for the legendary Oliver Dragojevic won 1st prize (jury vote). Overall, Petar became the festival's absolute winner!